It pays to be a U1 member!

IceBox CryoTherapy Tucson

Injury prevention is important in order to keep us on the mats! With your Und1sputed membership, you receive an extra 2-4 compression sessions when you sign up for a membership with Icebox! That’s up to a $100 value! Visit their website to see all the services they provide!

Levity Wellness

With isolation floatation tanks, IR saunas, massage therapists and breathworkers, Levity offers a full on recovery facility.
Use Code Undisputedfloat and get $10 off of a float or code Undisputedsauna for $5 off a sauna session.

Big Rig Coffee Company

Do you drink coffee?? What am I asking? Of course you do. Well if you’re drinking coffee anyways, might as well support a local business that is owned by a veteran AND Und1sputed member!!! Using the discount code Undisputed10, you can get 10% off your ENTIRE order!!

Insane Labz

Insane Labz has some of the BEST pre-workouts, recovery supplements, and protein powders on the market! Use the code ILOVEYOU22 to save 45% OFF your supplement order EVERYDAY at (excluding protein and bundle deals)!


Contact Brandon by email or see him at the front desk to get your business involved!