Undisputed Tucson Jiu Jitsu Team

Physical fitness changes people's lives, and what better way to transform one's life than by working within a supportive community.
Are you a competitor that’s looking to take your jiu jitsu game to the next level? Even if you’re just a beginner and have never competed before, Undisputed’s Competition Team is still the place for you!

Here’s what some of the best competitors in the world have to say about Coach David Reilly and the jiu jitsu program at Undisputed.

“David Reilly is a good coach, someone who actually cares about his students and the people he’s teaching. You can’t go wrong training with him at Undisputed.” – JT Torres, 3X World Champion, 2X Pan Am Champion, European Champion, 3X Asian Open Champion, ADCC Bronze Medalist, and 4X National Champion

If that isn’t enough…

Hear from 4X World Champion, 4X Pan Am Champion, and Abu Dhabi Champion Pablo Popovitch.

“Training here with David, what I appreciated the most was the way he communicates with his students. He’s really open to learning and to bringing people from other places to come and teach their craft. To be open minded is rare nowadays in the jiu jitsu scene.” – The FREAK Brothers, Geo and Boogey Martinez
“Bringing in high level black belts to teach seminars for free to members? That’s amazing. You don’t see that anywhere else.” – Samir Chantre, 2X World Champion, 3X Pan Am Champion, and 8X National Champion

Still not convinced?

Hear from the head of Team Shawn Hammonds and contact us about becoming a part of the competition team.


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